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What if we assembled some Walmers Church Goodie boxes, and delivered them to as many people as we can think of that do not have access to electronic communication. We could create a “parade” of cars and go around and deliver each box while observing social distancing. Would be for entire church, not just those with no electronics. People could donate whatever they want for the boxes. Produce, Sanitizer, Baked Goods…no rules but encouraging people to put things in that remind people of Walmers. Been working on this for weeks. Will require some planning and organization. Hoping to do this Memorial Day Weekend which would have been Pentecost, so the secondary theme is RED. If you can’t donate, HELP. If you can’t help DONATE. If nothing else, pray for our Salem Walmers church family.

WALMERS WAS HERE! would be the theme. I now have significant funds donated, just need hands and helpers. Feedback appreciated and desired. I can’t do this alone. Pastor Bob